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Welcome to the home of state-of-the-art modern cat furniture.  Clean, slick designs which are beautifully crafted to enhance and suit the aesthetics of modern living and inspired by local businesses. All our products are lovingly handmade, embracing true South African talent and authenticity.

Kitty’s Very Own ‘Purrfect’ Playground!

Modern cat furniture and accessories have never been as classy, and “Making Catification Simple” has never been as easy!

Cat Co Creations is an online exclusive cat boutique, offering high-quality and locally sourced handmade cat furniture and accessories.

Our bespoke, hexagon cat shelves, accessories, and toys have all been beautifully designed, keeping aesthetics top of mind and providing hours of entertainment for your kitty (and for you).

Cat Co Creations set out to take modern cat furniture and accessories to another level and have successfully succeeded in proudly achieving this goal.

Cats love exploring and discovering new hiding places, especially when elevated, which gives them a sense of superiority and allows them to ‘look down’ on things beneath them, including their ‘hoomans’!

Our ‘purrfect’ floating cat shelves will do the trick and soon have them perched up high above, and able to observe their immediate surroundings.

Simplistic yet elegant wall mountable pieces have been uniquely and especially designed to save floor space in more confined areas, as have our gorgeous, handmade Macrame Cat Hammocks.

More floor space means that you may now have extra room for a stunning moon-shaped floor cat bed, or perhaps even one of our fabulous multi-functional hexagon cat side tables.  These are a perfect addition to any room and serve simultaneously as an ideal spot for kitty to snooze below, whilst serving as a side or small coffee table on top!

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When can I expect my parcel?

All products are made to order. Please allow for 5 to 15 working days. This allows us sufficient time to prepare your order, and also for delivery time, which is between 3 and 5 working days.

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