Floating Cat Shelves

Creating vertical kitty space in your home is not only a whole lot of fun, but it is also a stylish way of keeping kitties entertained. Our Hexagon Floating Cat shelves come in different designs, which are ideal when planning an interesting cat wall and kitty playground. 

At the same time, floating cat shelves and floating cat steps save a tremendous amount of floor space. They are perfectly finished with grey carpeting, providing extra kitty comfort and a safer non-slip surface. We all know that cats love climbing. They like being elevated up high, making them feel superior and providing them a secure vantage point, from where they can survey their ‘hoomans’ and the world below. Interestingly, a cat’s need for vertical space is evolutionary, going to way back, when what we know today as our cuddly lap cats, were jungle cats. Climbing trees provided a vantage point for them to ‘check out’ their next dinner and decide on what to munch.

It has never been easier for ‘hoomans’ to make use of vertical space. Our new range of Hexagon Floating Cat Shelves and modern cat furniture is ideal to create your cat zone and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, complementing any home décor.


“Catify to Satisfy.”

Jackson Galaxy


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