The Happy Meowzers Sale!

10% Sale For Great Kitty Spoils! Keep your kitties entertained with style, while tapping into your inner creativity by creating your own unique vertical kitty space.

⁠Our Happy Meowzers is here to make that happen!

A Cat Bed | Moon Shaped Bed | “Nyx”
A Boho Macrame Cat Hammock
OR Multifunctional Cat Bed | Hexagon Table | “Freya”
OR Spending more than R3000

You will receive 2 FREE floating cat steps with your purchase. Oh and did we mention everything is on sale at 10%. Make sure to get your kitty spoils!

Whether a long lazy sleep or just a cat nap, Cat Co Creations has the purrfect cat bed. Multifunctional state-of-the art Cat Beds have been designed to please both kitties and ‘hoomans’ and is a truly unique way of keeping kitty close.  Offering a comfy and stylish snuggling spot for kitty.

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